Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Guidelines Handbook

(Updated September 25, 2023)
Prepare yourself to provide the best emergency assistance in times of crisis by reviewing the Emergency Guidelines Handbook, a quick reference for campus staff. In the handbook, you will learn about campus emergency response centers, evacuation areas, emergency phone numbers for campus police and first responders as well as find suggestions for dealing with suspicious or disruptive people. Fire, earthquake, other environmental threats and utility blackouts are also discussed, and there is a good list for your basic emergency supply kit. As a staff member of the Marin Community College District and as a designated government Disaster Service Worker in California Government Code Section 3100-3109, you have the responsibility to be prepared to provide emergency assistance in support of the students and your fellow employees.

Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness

FLEX Activities Spring 2018:
Campus Safety and Active Shooter Response

The following video reenactment on how to be prepared for an active shooter on campus contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. What would you do? This video provides tips on ways you can stay safe and get help in the event that an active shooter situation occurs on campus.

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