Victims of Sexual Assaults

Assistance for Victims of Sexual Assaults

The District Police Department is committed to ensuring that students, employees, and other persons who have been sexually assaulted are provided treatment, medical, and counseling assistance and information and that they are treated with sensitivity, dignity, and confidentiality. Every effort is made to ensure that our educational environment promotes and assists prompt reporting of sexual assaults and provides compassionate support services for survivors. Prompt reporting of sexual assaults is encouraged. Sexual assault includes, but is not necessarily limited to, acts or attempted acts of rape, forced sodomy, forced oral copulation, rape by foreign object, sexual battery, and acquaintance/date rape.

Reporting Rape and Sexual Assault

Upon learning of a rape or sexual assault, it is important to support and protect the victim while following District procedures. Sexual assaults should be reported to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the location where the crime occurred. Sexual assaults that occur on campus or any District facility should be reported to District Police. When the crime occurs off District property, District Police will assist the survivor by facilitating contact with the law enforcement having jurisdiction over the location where the crime occurred. Reports may be made anonymously.

In accordance with Federal Crime Reporting Act, in all cases where the employee has significant responsibility dealing with student and campus activities, that employee shall maintain and report statistics on sexual assaults where the victim does not want to report the crime, to the police department.

If the victim wishes to report a sexual assault:

Immediately contact the District Police Department, (415) 485-9696 or 911.

If the victim is not a minor, elder, or dependent adult and does not wish to report:

Encourage the victim to contact the following departments to obtain referral and support services. If possible, escort the victim to the departments listed.

  • Health Services: (415) 485-9458

  • Counseling Department: (415) 485-9649

  • District Police Department: (415) 485-9696

  • Director of Human Resources / Title IX Coordinator: (415) 485-9340

If the victim is a minor, elder, or dependent:

These reports are mandated to be reported to the District Police Department, (415) 485-9696 or 911.

Visit the Community Resources page for a list of law enforcement agencies, college departments, or support services that provide a variety of support options and resources for survivors of sexual assault.

College District Rape and Sexual Assault Policy and Response Procedures

The Marin Community College District has adopted student conduct standards and the formal policy and response procedures BP3540 and AP3540 to address response to rape and sexual assault.

Further information on Sexual Assault can be found at the following location: The Realities of Sexual Assault on Campus