Parking Permits FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Transition to Virtual Permit System Starting August 15, 2022

What is the new system called, and who operates the account?

The new system is called IPARQ and will be accessible via a web browser where an account can be set up. A user can access the account and pay online via a phone or computer. The College will have staff who administer the software.

Must faculty and staff pay for parking now?

No, staff and faculty will use the virtual permit system to enter their vehicle information only.

How much is the cost of the permits — daily or long-term?

The daily rate remains 4 dollars per day. The semester fee increase will be recommended by PRAC and will likely increase by 4 dollars per semester. Previously it was 42 dollars per semester. Fall Semester will then be 46 dollars per semester going forward.

How does this new system affect existing parking privileges for staff/faculty? Must I re-register to maintain my privileges? Will my emeritus/staff window sticker still be honored?

Stickers will be honored while moving over to the virtual parking system; however, stickers will eventually be phased out and virtual permits will be required after current stickers expire. Virtual permits will be required for emeritus faculty/staff before the end of the 2022/23 academic year. We recommend registering your vehicle in the virtual parking permit system when feasible.

What happens if individuals don’t get cell phone service on campus, such as Indian Valley Campus?

Users can use any computer to purchase a daily or semester permit, it need not be a cell phone. A parking kiosk will be available for those who do not have a cell phone or computer. Virtual permits can be purchased and registration can be entered from a home computer before you arrive on campus.

Is the College installing license plate reading cameras in all parking lots?

Officers will use handheld devices that will read license plates to determine if the vehicle has a valid parking permit.

Will there be cameras installed at parking lot entrances?

There will not be any fixed cameras installed to check for parking permits. There are parking lot cameras installed for crime prevention and public safety, these cameras will not be a part of the virtual parking permit system.

I dropped my classes, or my class was canceled. Can I get a refund?

The College of Marin will grant a parking permit refund under the following conditions:

  1. College of Marin has canceled a course for which the student was enrolled and the student has no other enrollment for the term.
  2. The student has dropped all courses on or before the last day to qualify for an enrollment/tuition fee refund for full-semester classes.
  3. The student has dropped all courses on or before the last day to qualify for an enrollment/tuition fee refund for short-term Credit or Summer classes.
  4. In addition, the student must complete a Parking Permit Refund Request form and submit (email) to Cashier’s Office at
I need to switch cars, how do I assign my permit to the other vehicle?

There is no limit to how many vehicles can be stored on your account, but only one vehicle can be active at once.  If you drive a secondary vehicle to campus, you need to remember to change your account to reflect that vehicle as active.

How do I update my account with a new vehicle?
  1. Click here to login with your MyCOM user name and password.
  2. Click on the Account link at the upper right-hand side
  3. Click on Manage Vehicle to add additional vehicles. Fill in the information being asked
  4. Click Add
  5. Click on View Permits
  6. Click on the license plate number
  7. To remove the current active vehicle, click Remove
  8. In the Add box, select the vehicle you want to mark active and click Add Vehicle


Why does my credit card statement show I have multiple charges for parking on a single day, and the dates do not match, when I purchase a daily parking permit from the machine in the parking lots?     

Some of our permit machines require us to download credit card information manually.  The times and dates of downloads are unpredictable as police calls for service take precedence.  It is likely for transactions to post on dates that do not match up to the day you parked.   The transaction report can take up to two weeks after the actual purchase.  The purchase date on your statement will be the date the data from the parking kiosks are offloaded,  most likely not the same date that the parking permit(s) were purchased.  The parking charges can accumulate for a few weeks and post on a single day, making it appear as a mistaken charge.  They may not match up to the day you parked.  You will notice that the number of times you parked will match up to the total charges for accumulated parking regardless of the transaction date. Please contact the police department at if we can further assist you.