Virtual Parking Permits

How to Buy a Virtual Parking Permit

There are currently four types of virtual permits available. Click the links below for instructions on the process of purchasing each kind of permit listed, with relevant screenshots.

  1. Staff Parking Permit / Permiso de Estacionamiento para el Personal
  2. Student Semester Parking Permit / Permiso de Estacionamiento Semestral para Estudiantes
  3. Daily Parking Permit / Permiso de Estacionamiento Diario
  4. Community Education Student Parking Permit / Permiso de Estacionamiento para estudiantes de Educación Comunitaria

Starting August 15, 2022, the College will go live with new virtual parking permits. At this time, Staff, Students, and Visitors to the College will be able to purchase their parking permits online. Staff and Credit Students will be able to access their accounts by logging in from the link directly within their MyCOM Portal. Community Education students and visitors to the campus will need to first create an account from this website ( and then will be able to purchase their permits online. Visitors will be able to purchase daily parking permits, and Community Education students will be able to purchase their term parking permits online.

This will remain a hybrid system as the Police Department works to integrate more types of permits that are regularly used, and the current daily parking kiosks located throughout both campuses will remain in place for cash and credit purchases. Parkers can simply purchase and place the hard copy of a daily parking permit on their dashboard (as done previously). Each kiosk will have a QR code available for parkers to scan with their cellphones and can bring up the website to purchase a virtual daily permit online. The Cashier’s office will be able to assist credit students with their purchases, as well as receive payments by cash and check for semester permit purchases. All Community Education permits must be purchased online, as there is no in-person registration or assistance available.

More information and assistance with the new virtual parking permit system is available anytime online at, or by contacting the College of Marin Police Department. For information and assistance with Student Semester permits, please contact the Cashiering Services during regular business hours. Help with Student Semester permits is also available after hours through the